The train pulled out on time.

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We can leave.

I like to listen to classical music.

I really don't know him.


Do you think that was fair?

What options do I have left?

Do not fear that which is the final end of life: he who fears death eschews the joys of life.

His condition is critical.

Do you think you could do it without us?

We can do better.

That's why we were there.


Truth uncompromisingly told will always have its jagged edges.

I don't want to run into them.

If you turn on me like that, I won't say another word.

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I have an acquaintance with her.

Would you like to watch the game together?

He was court-martialed for dereliction of duty.

She's eating fruit.

That bridge is anything but safe.

Don't call him that.

Would you like to go see a movie with me?


He called for beer.

Please stop asking so many questions.

Arthur likes redheads.

I said I can't help you.

I asked what he was going to do.


Her voice could hardly be heard above the noise.

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I received an advisory notice about my electricity cutting off this month.


We adopted a child.

I'll watch TV.

'Tis better to be ill in body than in soul.

He told me just the opposite!

Fred is from Australia.

How did I accept to write something like this?

Discussion continued in the Foreign Ministry over social integration and the policy of accepting foreigners in Japan.


What a tender heart she has.


This one works.


Mahesh has a cold.

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That was a very sad story.


Jagath takes a bath almost every evening.

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How do you know his name?

I'm going to ask you to leave and not come back here.

I don't know whether you're happy or not.

The ship discharged its cargo in Panama.

These two countries came to terms with each other for the sake of peace.

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I've been out of town all week.

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He's cooking.

Has he failed again?

It's way too dangerous for us to be here.

I've read hundreds of books.

You are mad.


Lin walked off.

How much did I lose?

It's a flake covered in chocolate!

They should pay me.

What else do you need to do today?

You've been spotted.

Raw fish is not to my taste.

I cannot wish the fault undone, the issue of it being so proper.

Raghu is still lamenting the death of his dog.

He saved all of what little money he earned.

The crowd is going nuts.

I know you'll be happy here.

These things are often unknown to the world.

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I'm sure you understand why we can't do that.


Complete the sentence.

We all said hello to her as she came in.

I'll treat you.

We're not supposed to be together.

He's a talented young director.

I'm supposed to be helping him right now.

It looks like Shankar got sick from eating the spoiled food.

I'm not strong enough.

You can give the gift of life by donating blood.

I have the money.

I bought nine flowers.

They refused to treat him as a serious candidate.

Down it came and away went the day.

Blair doesn't like women.

Why don't you believe them?

The voracious monsters endeavoured to upset the boat; they swam by its side in seeming anxiety for their prey; but after waiting for some time, they separated - the two rescued seamen found themselves free from their insatiable enemies and, by the blessings of God, saved.

This cold weather gives me goosebumps.

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Give them any help you can.


There are a great many books in this library.

I'm going to be traveling on November 15th.

He's semicute.

Are you guys still together?

Close the door!

What he said is, in a way, true.

The people were through with violence.


How do you stop this?


Jimmy and Randolph watched John swim laps.

My son is not a snob.

I'm not saying you have to explain it all to me right now.

You need to buy him some new clothes.

I saw the fight.

Romain wanted to do something to help.

Bertrand asks me the same questions every time he sees me.

Claudia had a great night tonight.

Roland gave Shakil plenty of money.

Do you think that sounds like a threat?

He's jealous.

That isn't Hiroyuki's only problem.

It may be true.

You always fight!

Obviously, there's to be some kind of mistake.

Did Sid say anything to you about what happened?

I'm worried about them.

In Earth orbit, conditions can be as cold as minus 250 degrees Fahrenheit. In the sunlight, they can be as hot as 250 degrees. A spacesuit protects astronauts from those extreme temperatures.

There seems to be no one waiting for us.

I should not have trusted you.

I met Mr. Smith on the street by accident.

How long have you two known each other?

There's no elevator.


It's no longer that way.

Is it true that Martyn was in Boston last week?

I'll let Claire know.


I have a throbbing headache.

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Did he do such things?


I thought you were going to ask us to leave.

She is proud that her son has become a doctor.

I've been gone too long.


Thanks for all you've tried to do.


I read the letter again and again.

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He saw there what he had dreamed about.


Do you think you can do better?

That's not the problem.

It was raining all day long without intermission.


Is something wrong with her?


Puerto Ricans are American citizens.

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I'd like to eat curry rice for dinner tonight.

You throw like a girl.

That was months ago.

Dave put a bandage on Presley's cut.

No one likes a braggart.

I suppose you've got a point.

Nothing would've made me happier.

The miner and his bride occupied two granite beds.

There is no one but loves his own country.

Why didn't Keith wait?

The train rolled out of the station.

What do you do when you're not at work?

They'll rescue us.

Granville walked back to his hotel.

Bring them back.

That tambourine is broken.

You are not more stupid because you don't get up earlier.


Lori isn't like that.

I shouldn't have asked.

What is the largest city in Michigan ?

Have you told anybody?

Val took an exhilarating walk round the lake.


Randall and Jong were stealing glances and smiling at each other.

They're very capable.

Len met Root a couple of years ago.


Let us briefly recall an important result from group theory.


It will rain tomorrow.


Joyce was just being polite.

Wes danced.

Dominos is my favorite game.